Well, well. A new week has passed and this section of the page has not been updated. During the week, the woman was on a business trip, which took her time. It has been frosty for almost a week in Finland. The plans for this weekend changed slightly, but they always happen.

We are going to Jyväskylä to enjoy our free time, eat and bag with latex outfit :), so new pictures are definitely coming.

We look forward to spring, when able to take latex photos outdoors.
This will definitely be done on the way to London 🙂 We have already purchased GFB tickets. The man has already applied for a vacation, but the woman has to ask for 1.5 weeks vacation 🙂 So busy working spring has been, so probably no holiday problems 🙂

Our day-to-day lives are pretty smooth, and parties and events always make a difference.

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