Diary in English


Happy weekend! Sorry, this section has not been updated this week.
We have worked and spent evenings at home. we have been playing board games and watching series on TV.
we are used to going pretty much, so this is weird when you have to stay home.
Hope you stay healthy!


Happy Sunday! We took pictures yesterday, and some of them are posted here.
We rested on the weekend and ate good food. We have also slept for a day. Today we walked five kilometers. Really nice weather, so springy! I like it!


Early Saturday morning. I woke up early in a familiar style, although we also went to bed early. J has been working for a long time so he is tired and continues to sleep.
I watched this Temptation Island Finland program, it’s great fun for your brain this morning 🙂
The current state of Finland and other countries gives us a sense of where this Corona virus goes and what effects it has.
The layoffs have threatened both jobs, so the future shows how long layoffs are.
Yesterday we decided to take new photos this weekend and put on latex. Let’s try to continue our lives as normally as we can.


The week went by quickly and I noticed I had not written here. The week has passed quite a bit at home, including working days. We hope the corona virus will heal soon. The work day is now over and the next task is cleaning. I’ll clean the house and get the food ready when J comes home after a long day at work. ”The Real Wife”


Last night we visited Hämeenlinna. It was quite quiet there, as here in Helsinki. In the evening we watched the movie and spent a peaceful evening. Today we woke up early and ate a rich breakfast. The day started well 🙂 After breakfast we went for a walk. Today we’re still watching the movie and making a pancake 🙂 Sunday gourmet treat 🙂



Saturday morning 🙂 We started on time yesterday. This is the best of the week! Wonderful peaceful morning, J still sleeps, I enjoy these mornings when I can wake up alone and put my thoughts together. The washing machine and dishwasher are on and the morning coffee is in the cup. Today seems to be good weather outside, so we will definitely take a short walk. No other plans have been made yet, but we will do what comes to mind.Today H was supposed to go on a cruise with friends in Estonia, but the coronavirus changed the plan. Do you also remember to follow our Instagram account : @ latexlovercouple ?


working day is back. The work day was really quiet. The next working day, the other one was working from home and the next week’s commute was canceled as well. We are excited about whether the long-planned and highly anticipated GFB trip will go wrong. Let’s hope the viruses are gone by then. Not yet afraid to book ships, etc. For the trip.
One must try to live a normal life despite the virus. Have to dress up in latex for the weekend and brighten up the day


Good Morning. Tired but does not help. Coffee and work.

H returned home from work. it’s nice to be home again. Today, the woman received a cosmetic mail order. We are wondering here how the Corona virus will affect the May GFB event? hopefully not in any way … there are a few sick people in Finland but it is expected to spread here. Miserable .. J will be working long hours for the next three weeks, so activities will definitely be low.


working day (H) started today at 6.20 am when he started driving to southwestern Finland by car. working day over and now evening at the hotel. Tomorrow, back home. J had to take public transport to work, which is not usually the case. variations refresh 

 Tomorrow, back home after work.
After work, I walked for a walk and took some fresh air. I thought about going to the sauna for a moment and then working. Then I enjoyed the evening 


After our vacation, the first working day is over. After the holiday, on the first day, it is terrible to open up your email and begin to sort out incoming messages. Can others recognize this or are we alone with this problem? Tomorrow, H goes on a business trip to Southwest Finland again, so hectic. Fortunately, after two weeks (21.3) we are celebrating in Tampere. So we are at Rsyke’s party at Mixei restaurant in Tampere. You can come say hi and tell us the news live. The partner package was downloaded during the day, and there is a video on Instagram as we unlock it. It is a big surprise to us what the box contains.
The package included the products needed to use the latex!


Good morning! Last night we went to Porvoo to see what it looks like in the evening. We went for coffee. Today is Finnish Women’s Day, so have a good Women’s Day! Today we go for a walk to see spring nature. we walked for over an hour. The fresh air is doing fine. We also went to a coffee shop, drank coffee and ate some buns.
We continue to clean and cook good food, beef and potatoes. At the end of the holiday we have to work
homework, laundry.
We are considering buying a new camera. Do you have any recommendations for a good camera? You can email or send via instagram.


Good morning. Sleeping under a warm blanket is one of the best things to do. Have a good breakfast and go for a walk today. Today is a relaxed Saturday. Yesterday was a 30 minute live video on instagram. The video is still visible, you still have time to watch it


Last night we flew home from London. The vacation was nice and we walked a lot. Today we woke up from home in peace and spent a peaceful morning. In the afternoon we went to car wash and shop. We thought we would spend the weekend calmly. On Monday, we can pick up a surprise package from one company. We will put a video of opening the box on instagram on Monday.


Yesterday evening, we went to a beer pub for tips for our next trip to London.
North London. We traveled to North London today. The purpose was today outside the photos, but the rainy weather seems to confuse the plans. So we probably take pictures inside the bar and so on in the evening. Tomorrow we’ll fly back home.
I’ve noticed that the English are really friendly.


New day in London. We woke up again at 7. However, we rested in bed for a while before we went to breakfast.
yesterday we went to the Honor store and bought a latex suit.
After breakfast we went to see Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. The total walk was about 8 km. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant.
We now spend time in the hotel room and relax on our feet. We also think about new evening plans and maybe try a new dress and take pictures of it.


Yesterday evening we went to a pub for beer and to see London in the evening light. Even though it was Sunday, there were still many people on the way.

We woke up early in the morning, the time difference makes us wake up really early 😊 Well, we went for breakfast and came back to the hotel to wait for Libidex to open. Libidex was a surprisingly small store. The staff were friendly. The man tried to get a shirt there. despite the cold wind, we walked five kilometers. then slept a little nap.

Now we are considering what an evening program would be.


Good morning. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up early on a Sunday morning. We went for breakfast and then went for a walk. On the way we saw the London Eye and Big Ben. Now a little rest before the shopping trip.
After a little push, we went for a walk and a shopping trip again. She bought makeup and a bag. We also went for lunch. The best thing about vacationing is that there are no schedules as usual.
In the evening, we take some latex photos that we can post to you on Instagram and here.