February 2020


At the end of a long day, we arrived in London. The trip took place on a large plane. The hotel is right in the center. We quickly went to eat and drink one of the ciders in the pub. It can already be concluded that there are so many people everywhere, so it becomes clear that we are in a big city. As we were eating around the corner, we saw a beautiful young woman wearing a bright green pvc skirt in traffic lights. Nice city. The fatigue of the trip weighs so much on exploring the city tomorrow and visiting Libidex on Monday.


First of all we thank all the visitors, the number of visitors has tripled in January. Thank you all humbly!
the long awaited holiday is ahead a lot of work has been done and now it is good to have a holiday!
tomorrow is a flight to London and we enjoy your vacation!
you will certainly get new pictures and we can focus more on this site for the holidays.We haven’t been to London before, so we’re looking forward to the new city! The hotel is right in the center, so we take pictures in latex clothing
money was exchanged and we packed our latex luggage!Follow our site and our Instagram @ latexlovercouple!


Saturday, the best day of the week. Last night was an evening out. Today we are resting, shopping and cooking. We slept for a couple of hours at a nap. terrible weather outside.


On Saturday we were eating with friends and had good roast deer for food. The food was heavenly. Time went by on the wings when the club was good.
on Sunday we rested and gathered strength for the new week. We also dressed in latex outfitsTomorrow woman will have a business trip to the Turku region, hopefully good air to drive. Friday is a friend’s house party.


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I hope you remember your loved one. Influenza is starting to ease, rest has helped a lot. The trip to London is on the calendar, so if you want to join the photo, send a message.We will soon go to friends to eat and spend a Saturday. In the evening, we start driving somewhere and enjoy the evening.


The weekend is approaching and the flu pours the woman into bed. there would still be one day to work. An evening meal is chicken and rice and of course hot juice. a man who is polite and cares for me. spring flu is not nice.
weekend would be an evening out with friends, I wish I could go there. there is reportedly good food. friends is what you look forward to seeing. a long time since we last met.


We have created our own Facebook site. Look at it. https://www.facebook.com/Latexlovercouple-112124073691905
There we could update more on current issues and comment on pictures / things there. We hope the messages are nice. No genital or similar images. If you leave comments nice, the commenting and posting feature will remain. If not, the feature will be deleted. It would always be nice to hear what you have and your thoughts on the bdsm / fetish world. The more active you are, the more updates you get.We’ve added one video here to the video page, and we add them here every now and then.


Weekend behind and we took pictures. A night away from home always refreshes everyday life. Today we went swimming for a long time, exercise brings more energy.
The number of visitors to the site has increased nicely, so thank you very much! Nice to see you are interested in our lives. We are also actively trying to update the English section. The Finnish section is updated fairly easily.Want to see video clips here on this site, mainly in latex clothing outdoors and other places.


Well, well. A new week has passed and this section of the page has not been updated. During the week, the woman was on a business trip, which took her time. It has been frosty for almost a week in Finland. The plans for this weekend changed slightly, but they always happen.We are going to Jyväskylä to enjoy our free time, eat and bag with latex outfit :), so new pictures are definitely coming.We look forward to spring, when able to take latex photos outdoors.
This will definitely be done on the way to London 🙂 We have already purchased GFB tickets. The man has already applied for a vacation, but the woman has to ask for 1.5 weeks vacation 🙂 So busy working spring has been, so probably no holiday problems :)Our day-to-day lives are pretty smooth, and parties and events always make a difference.remember to follow our ig account as well: @ latexlovercouple


Today I have time to refresh the page. Yesterday went to work and today has been able to do housework. The day was sunny so we went for a walk. The weekend has been peaceful and we have spent at home. Next week is busy again.I’m going on a business trip to Rauma so the man can spend quality time 🙂
Yesterday we bought GFB tickets 🙂 We still need to book trips to Germany and back to Finland.