Yesterday was a hard day. In the morning at 04.30 we left Hamburg to drive through Denmark to Stockholm. We only stopped at the German-Danish border in Bordershop to buy alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, we came without stopping for about 1000km. We were on time in the port of Stockholm and got on board. On the ship we went to eat good steaks and then to the cabin to watch a James Bond movie, then that dream came. Today the last kilometers from the port of Turku to Helsinki.
In summary of the trip. 18 days, 4060km. We were only in Germany. Great weather and beautiful German cities. There were no problems with the trip. The traffic was much quieter and there were not many tourists in the hotels. We love German, people are friendly and helpful. Thank you German and Germans. Normally our summer vacation trip is longer and includes 8-10 different countries but now because of the corona there was such a trip. If the world situation allows, we will leave for Germany again in October.


A relaxed Sunday was celebrated in Hamburg. Deliberately rested and prepared for tomorrow’s driving day. During the day we went to take latex pictures on the streets of the Reeperbahn. There was hot and sweating air in the sunshine but pictures were taken. you should take a look at the pictures on the instagram, pretty successful came. Dinner was served at a traditional German eatery. And it was good. Tomorrow we will leave early in the morning for traffic and the intention would be to get to Stockholm by evening ship.


Good evening. We have arrived in Hamburg. The journey was painfully slow here. 228km but the time went 4.5 hours. the highway had 3 stops, i.e. congestion. The longest of them lasted more than 1.5 hours. But we finally got here and now we enjoyed 2 nights in Hamburg before we go home. Sunday is J’s birthday so today we lightly celebrate them with reeperbaanh.


Today we drove to Wolfsburg. We have visited this once before, but only at Autostad. This time we didn’t go to Autostad, we were downtown otherwise. The hotel was right next to the center, so we walked downtown for dinner. After that, we spent time on the hotel terrace. Picture and nice city, definitely not the last time here. Tomorrow we will leave for Hamburg, more on that tomorrow !!!


A relaxed day in Berlin. In the morning we slept for a long time and then focused on shopping. We drove across the town to the Alexa mall and at the same time we went to the rubber shop in blackstyle. After a long shopping trip resting at the hotel and in the evening we went to enjoy the pizzas. L Osteria is in our opinion the best pizza place in Germany. Really big and good pizzas.


Today we ended up in Berlin. The distance of less than 600 km went smoothly, even though it rained really briskly at times. Traffic goes well when there is not too much road work. Arriving in Berlin we had dinner and a drink with our friend who lives here. It’s nice to see when we rarely meet. Tomorrow would at least include a visit to one latex store. Otherwise, definitely for such a relaxed stay and good food. we are 2 nights in Berlin and then the journey continues.


Today we drove from Frankfurt to Cologne. A total of 2100km has been accumulated on this trip. We have always liked Cologne very much and quite often we end up here on a trip to Germany. There are several interesting cities around Cologne. We went shopping a bit and eating down the downtown shopping street. At the same time, of course, we admired the church, the hallmark of Cologne, of great size. We also went to the latex / bdsm store which is one of the places to visit every time. This time, too, something small went along. We are a night in the paradise of car people. The V8 Hotel, with its stunning luxury cars all around, is the only place you can enjoy yourself. Tomorrow the journey continues .. In front of less than 600km drive, you will find out tomorrow where we will end up for the next 2 days.


Two days have been spent in Frankfurt. There has been warm air here. Today we woke up calmly in the morning, picked up breakfast from below and enjoyed our room.
After that we went shopping, J came to the hotel after the shopping was done. H continued his tour. We needed clothes and they were found at an affordable price.
We went to lunch at a place recommended to us by the locals. The food was really good and affordable. After lunch we went for a walk by the river. Tomorrow we will move to Cologne for the day. We will be there in a different hotel, more on that tomorrow.


Yesterday I forgot to write here so let’s write yesterday’s news today as well.
Yesterday we drove from Munich to Mannheim. We had not been to Mannheim before. The town was beautiful and the center of a suitable size where it was easy to move on foot. H went to clothing shopping, during which time J looked at Formula 1 time trials. In the evening we went to eat good steaks. We took new pictures, the hotel room was good for that purpose.
Today we left Mannheim via Kaiserlautern for Frankfurt. We are here for two days now. Sundays are a bit boring here when all the places are closed, now especially in Korona time. Our rooms here were upgraded to a better level, so we absolutely take a new photos.
Frankfurt is familiar to us in the past, we often stay here on our travels. Our hotel is just off the pedestrian zone Zeil.


Today we went on a day trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Lake Eibsee. Once before we’ve been to that place and that’s when it made a big impact and so it continued to do. There are really stunning big mountains and a suitably small traditional German style village. Lake Eibsee is again a beautiful place. Located right on the Austrian border, on the German side. Yes, we recommend. The air is really warm +32 degrees. Now watch from the hotel room when the dark sky comes and the point is sure to thunder. Tomorrow would be a move forward. Selfishly, we do not yet know for sure where to start.


Today has been a day of rest in Munich. Enjoyed the leisurely feeling and held a Laundry Day. Warm had 30 degrees. Tomorrow we plan to take a garage and leave the nearby area for a day trip and come to Munich for the night. Hopefully tomorrow we will have time to take new pictures as well.


Ravel day number 6. Yesterday we were in Nuremberg. We walked a lot and toured the city. The air was just nice, really hot. We did not make precise plans for Nuremberg but we were quite relaxed. The hotels have been surprisingly quiet during the trip and there don’t seem to be as many guests as in previous years. The corona will certainly affect this.
We ate a good breakfast at the hotel and then set off for a drive to Munich. The drive was less than 200 kilometers.
We went to the mall in Munich to shop clothes and shampoo and some makeup stuff.
The hotel is right in the center. We are in Munich for three nights. This day is taken casually and we go for a walk. Tomorrow we will tour the center.
We went to eat really big Wiener schnitzel. Tomorrow more


Hey. Today we drove from Hamburg to Leipzig. It was stormy air, hopefully tomorrow will be a better weather. Leipzig was a place to eat, tour the city and enjoy the hotel’s rooftop terrace. Tomorrow for one night in Nuremberg and then for a few nights in Munich.


Yesterday evening we came to Hamburg around the midnight. Check in at the hotel and we went to sleep.
In the morning we went for breakfast and changed the hotel.  We spend the night now in a 4 star hotel, so the facilities are good for descriptions. So we might get new pictures.
It was raining in the morning, but in the evening the weather became clearer.
Hamburg is a familiar place to us, we have fun here and spend time here on every trip, if It’s possible. The harbor is a beautiful and lively place. In general, we are close to the Reeperbahn at night. It is a street that never sleeps.
We went to the eat at Reeperbahn. We also went to Boutique Bizarre to see the clothes.
Tomorrow we will drive a little further south, to the Leipzig. We will spend one day there and from there we will go to Nuremberg.


Yes, in the evening we boarded a Finnlines ship from Helsinki. We went to eat well. We watched in the cabin for a while, but soon a dream came to our eyes.
We slept a good night’s sleep and woke up cheerful to a new day!
The ship did not sway badly during the night.
We went for breakfast as well as brunch.
We took two naps on board. Dinner was also included in the package so before the ship was in port we went to eat.
I bought a yellow raincoat from the ship, maybe new pictures may appear on our pages.
The ship was in the harbor at 9.30pm and we drove from the harbor to Hamburg for the night. On Sunday we will change hotels in Hamburg and on Monday we will continue our journey somewhere further south.