January 2020

We have at least three parties in January, in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Turku.

The event calendar has a party we’re going to attend.


We have updated more Finnish diaries this week. If you do not know Finnish, you can translate with a translator. The weather has been really bad. We have planned a trip to London in March.
Saturday is an exceptional working day, so batteries need to be charged on Sunday.
We go to the movies tomorrow night and maybe we have dinner too.


Last night we were on a television show in the audience. This morning we set off for an early drive to Rauma and from there we drove to Turku, where today is a party. We stay near the banquet hall at the hotel. In the hotel room, we are preparing for the evening party. The evening program includes polishing clothes and shooting new pictures;)
We are looking forward to the evening party as we have not been to Turku for a long time


The day brightened further when I received an announcement of the shoes I ordered. New party shoes, yeah: D May I put them on a party in Turku on Saturday.The first week of March is our winter holiday and today we are wondering if we could take a short holiday trip to Germany, England, Italy, etc. We need to look into alternatives and good deals. It’s been a while since the last trip, so it’d be fun. In March the spring is longer in Europe than in Finland and the weather is likely to be good. Maybe there could be a party … Follow us also on Instagram: @ latexlovercouple


We’ve been busy this week (again: /). Updating the site is in mind, but there is no time this week, so we will focus on this at weekends.We took a short break and were on a city break in Tampere this weekend. Tampere is a nice and beautiful city. There are places within walking distance so it’s easy to move around. We went bowling and spent the evening with a friend. We also took a lot of different new pictures. Hotels are easy to wake up and go to the ready breakfast table, luxury :)Next week there will be a party in Turku that we will go to.We were last at a party in Turku a few years ago.


The main party of the spring is the German Fetish Ball in Berlin on 20-24 May. It’s a 3-day awesome latex party.
We will gradually start preparing for that trip. We promise you a lot to read about our trip. We drive from Finland via Sweden and Denmark to Hamburg and from there to Berlin. We will tell you about the outward journey and of course the party itself and the return journey back to Finland. And of course, we add a lot of cool photos from GFB. We are really looking forward to the event.


The week has gone at work.
We are both busy during the week due to work.
On Wednesday, however, we had a long time to go for a swim, it was nice.
Fortunately, weekends are always free from work. This weekend is a quiet home weekend. The program includes watching movies on the couch, good food and rest. Long night sleep 🙂 Today is a big storm, so it’s good to have an evening at home.


Yesterday’s celebration is over. The place was great, lots of different rooms and spacious. Yes, we recommend the place. Perhaps the consequence of celebrating two days was that we had to leave early. Today we have a normal day. We go to the movies and out. On rainy day we were in the movies and in the cafe. Tomorrow, again after the holidays, to work and normal everyday life.


Yesterday’s party was a success. Congratulations once again to the 20 year old Bizarre Club! Yesterday was lot of people at party. There was a birthday cake and everyone had a good time.After breakfast we drove to Helsinki in sunny weather. Nap is in place before we start preparing for tonight’s party. We haven’t visited Club X’s new premises, so we’re looking forward to it. We promise you more latex pictures tonight.Also remember to follow our Instagram account: @latexlovercouple, we will update different photos there.Today we thought of dressing in the same color for the party. Now we’re going to enjoy the party and update the news tomorrow!


We drove about 300 kilometers from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. We went out to eat, the drinks of the evening are cooling down. A little rest in the hotel room before getting ready for the party.Preparing for the evening’s party. A glass of Prosecco with makeup and dress. The party was a success!